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Quotation is the NEW SOFTWARE created by AIRCOM that provides an intuitive, easy and fast tool!

With Quotation you will be able to create your own customer lists, apply discounts and handle everything very quickly and easily.

The software consists of 3 main areas:
- customers master data
- zones
- price list


You will be able to create your own quotations and export them in Excel format divided according to the project zones, from the main loop down to the drops. You will then calculate labor costs, know the estimated time required for the installation of the purchased material and have a final quotation including labor costs and materials list.

Download or apply for a copy of our new software now !


AIRTOOL UPGRADE: Software upgrading to version 1.2

AIRTOOL is a dedicated software for piping sizing

With our software you will be able to carry out
- min./max. pressure calculations
- total flow rate calculations
- actual consumption assessments
- equivalent length calculations
- correct pipe diameter sizing

You can save your sizing and print them, reload previously saved files and modify any previous project, removing or adding end user points.

Through the integrated Flow Rate Calculator application you’ll be able to calculate the equivalent length of the piping, too, and support your project with additional in-deep details also highlighting the benefits of Aircom’s product with respect to the use of other materials, not suitable for this use, as e.g. the pressure drop values.

Dowload AIRTOOL and FLOW RATE CALCULATOR from the Downloads area now!


AIRCOM always stands by designers and installers and is engaged to provide you with the tools you need to create new systems. Furthermore, owing to the new products AIRCOM is also able to provide you with new solutions to meet evolving market requirements.

Our library is constantly evolving and new 3D files for the new AIRCOM products are in preparation.

You can find our fittings library in .STP (3D) and .DWG (CAD) formats in the Downloads area, or you can apply for it by contacting us directly.